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McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Review: Today, most of the organizations will start realizing the importance of satisfying MCDVOICE customers. Simultaneously, a few organizations will not take it seriously for gathering feedback from their customers regularly. Even a few of them are not aware of how to proceed with that. McDonald’s management understands customer feedback importance along with its increasing restaurants across the globe.

They prefer to utilize the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction survey or feedback continuously to offer consistent and world-class customer experience. They also concentrate more to provide satisfaction using the menu items, services, and facilities. The customers are invited to participate in an online survey through the MCDVOICE Survey official website.

MCDVOICE Official Survey site

McDonald’s is one of the largest and well-known restaurant chains across the globe and become the American new way of life along with synonymous fast food. There are numerous McDonald’s restaurants (more than 36,000 restaurants) located in the United States and other countries across the world. This company is particularly most popular for its burgers and they also started the new barbecue restaurant from 1940.

It is estimated that more than 70 million customers are placing orders or eat at McDonald’s restaurants regularly. They are not only purchasing burgers but also salads, desserts, breakfast items, chicken nuggets, and many more. McDonald’s has numerous employees (more than 420,000 people) working and the headquarters of this company is located in Illinois (Oak Brook).

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Importance of McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a regular customer of McDonald’s, you can gain a chance for winning the points or rewards, discount for your next purchase, or a free meal. It is much easier by participating in the existing McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction online survey or feedback by visiting its official website. survey


  • If you are traveling or residing across the globe, it is much easier to visit any one of the 40,000 McDonald’s restaurants that are located within 121 countries across the world.
  • You are not the only person to place an order to get your favorite McDonald’s meal pack. Moreover, 90 million people across the globe are ordering McDonald’s meal pack at the restaurants through an online order or phone calls.
  • This is one of the famous fast food and the second-largest restaurant chain available worldwide after Subway restaurants.

There are numerous restaurants located throughout the globe or countries in the world. McDonald’s management will find it more crucial to offer the best and consistent satisfaction and customer experience. The McDonald’s restaurant chains will offer various aspects like facilities, services, and menu items to make it preferred and so special by million users.

Reason to take McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey


McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction survey is essential to collect the feedback from its users or customers to know their general opinion on their restaurant. It could be about the environment & facilities cleanliness of the restaurant, whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied, the employee efficiency & friendliness, and also regarding the provided menus & the food. This information is more relevant and the management can utilize this to solve any issues. It will assist to enhance the food quality and provide better service to satisfy the customers through McDonald’s experience.

mcdvoice official

You need to fill out the online McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction survey form for redeeming the points or rewards. McDonald’s will offer the free order to utilize in the next restaurant visit or a special bonus like discounts, another product or a special meal, a free hamburger, and many more. Based on the survey period, you will receive the reward. The current prizes for the McDonald’s customer satisfaction online survey will be listed with the terms of service on its official website.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey – Eligibility

mcdvoice official survey

Find below the list of eligibility requirements to participate in the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction survey:

  • Once finishing the McDonald’s online survey, users are advised to claim their reward within 7 days.
  • Irrespective of regular McDonald’s restaurant visit, users are allowed to participate only 5 times or online surveys per month.
  • Participants must know either the Spanish or English language to attend the survey. Since the feedback form is only available in these two languages.
  • Users from the District of Columbia or the U.S. residents are only allowed.
  • Participants should be 15 years old and eligible to take part in the survey.
  • You need to access the McDonald’s online survey using a smartphone or computer along with a stable & fast internet connection.
  • A valid purchase order or receipt from any McDonald’s outlets or restaurants within the last 7 days. Make use of the 26-digit survey code for participation.

Rewards for McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey


For the online survey participation, you should require the survey code. The users can utilize the sweepstakes by using the survey code. In case if you prefer to get the winning prize then you need to finish the online survey or feedback process first. Once finishing the online survey form, users will receive the validation code for participating in the survey.

The validation code can be used for the redeeming process in any McDonalds’s outlets or restaurants to get the discount coupon. It is valid only for 30 days. Before the expiry date, users are advised to utilize the discount coupon. Otherwise, the validation code will not be validated to get the discount.

McDonald’s Survey – Objectives


McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable and second-largest fast-food restaurant chains across the globe. The management will ensure that the entire customers are provided with overall customer experience, the cleanliness, provided services, the staff’s attitude, the prices, and the happy food regularly. The customer satisfaction survey is the main goal to get objective and honest feedback or opinion from the customers. This will assist the management to enhance the provided services, the cleanliness, the employee’s behavior, to resolve any food-related issues, and enhance the customer experience across the McDonalds outlets.

  • For identifying the best solutions to resolve the ongoing problems or issues related to customers with McDonald’s restaurants or outlets.
  • To get innovative or creating ideas for improving the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Better assessment under the McDonalds restaurant employees.
  • The objective feedback received from the customers based on the provided services, the staff’s attitude, the cleanliness, the prices, and the food quality of any outlets.

The McDonalds survey will aim to gather the truthful information or feedback from the customers for improving the best experience. It is essential, to be honest, and more crucial to offer the best customer support to the entire customers to eat at McDonald’s outlets or restaurants. In case if you are not satisfied with the service offered, never worry to participate within the customer satisfaction survey. However, the customers will receive the verification code or survey code to get the discount or rewards even for the negative feedback.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey – Participating Process

You need to participate in the McDonalds Customer Satisfaction survey to win the prizes like a discount or a meal. It includes easy & simple steps without any confusing or complicated questions and can complete the survey within 5 minutes to eligible for receiving the reward. You can follow the below-provided steps to showcase your McDonalds experience through an online survey form:

  • You need to check your receipt or purchase order to locate the 26-digit validation code or survey code (the receipt from the past 7 days).
  • Open up a web browser and visit the McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey official website and use a stable & fast internet connection for good access.
  • Input your 26-digit validation code or survey code.
  • After validating the code, you can start the online survey.
  • In case if the receipt does not include a survey code then scroll down the webpage and tap the option “No 26-digit Survey Code”. It will redirect to another webpage requesting to provide the following information:
    • Order Number
    • Amount Spent
    • Your store visit: Date & Time
    • KS number
    • Store Number.
  • This information will be available in the purchase order or receipt for guiding you to input the correct details.
  • Once it is updated, you will redirect to the online survey form. You can find some basic questions that are related to your last store visit experience at McDonald’s outlets or restaurants. You should be honest and answer the following questions like the outlet cleanliness, the staff’s behavior, the provided service, the prices, and the food quality. Answer the entire questions and complete the survey successfully.
  • Once it is done, a confirmed code will be sent to you from the McDonald’s management to utilize a discount for your next purchase or a free meal within 7 days.
  • It is advisable to copy the confirmation code on your receipt’s backside to claim the free reward or discount at the next store visit.
  • While purchasing or ordering during the next visit, you can show the confirmation code written on the receipt to claim the reward or discount.
  • Note that each customer is allowed to participate only for 5 surveys in a month. Users from the District of Columbia or the U.S. residents are only allowed. Participants should be 15 years old and eligible to take part in the survey.
  • In case if you are experiencing any issues in providing the details or other technical issues then you can contact the McDonald’s Customer Support Team for further assistance. They are working for 7 days a week starting from 7:00 AM until 07:00 PM CST at 1-800-244-6277.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Research Methods

The best qualitative research methods for McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction or market research are Ethnography, Case Study, Interviews, and Focus Groups. Moreover, the Focus Group is one of the best research methods to understand customer satisfaction in any of the McDonald’s restaurants or outlets. Find below a list of benefits offered by the Focus Group research method for your reference:

Unstructured Data – If the data are unstructured then it is very difficult to analyze. The findings will not represent the larger population view.

Spontaneity – Group discussion will allow more customers to participate and create responses based on other’s opinions. Besides, it can also assist to create new connections between them.

Multiple Opinions – Instead of gathering information, the focus group research method will allow multiple opinions simultaneously. It will speed up the work efficiently and also make the discussions more productive.

Group Facilitator – The Group facilitator should encourage the discussion and also not allow the participant to drift away from their opinions. They should generate interest in the discussion topic across the participants. A richer data is provided with the direct interaction from the participants and the researcher.

McDonald’s Online Contact Page

Customers can visit the McDonald’s survey official site online contact page and choose the appropriate option for support. Most of the support options are available under the Feedback & Inquiry category. Some of the listed options are Trademark permission, Mobile App feedback, General Inquiry, Restaurant feedback, and many more. If you prefer to select the option “Restaurant Feedback” then you need to provide the appropriate zip code or choose the location of your preferred McDonald’s outlets.

Then input your name, contact number, valid email address, and communication address. Submit the feedback to receive a verification code. You will also receive a call from the customer care representative promptly. For any General Inquiries, the customers can find various general topics such as Social contributions & responsibilities, nutritional information & menu items, promotions & games, marketing, and many more.  You need to enter your name along with a valid contact number to receive a call from the customer care staff.

In case of any opinions or concerns about the Mobile app then select the appropriate category “Mobile App Feedback”. Now, choose your mobile phone type, its corresponding operating system, the app version, and your honest feedback. Finally, input your name, contact number, and valid email address to receive a call from the customer care staff on your comments or inquiry.

Mcdonald’s Survey What Do You Get

Make sure that you simply put genuine reviews and answers within the survey. McDonald’s is organizing this survey for customers only and you must help them improve. Let me also tell you that you simply are going to be getting the reward for completing the survey regardless of what you write or how you rate them within the survey. So, be honest and fair.

McDonald’s is known for their awesome service and hospitality. Regardless of what the circumstances are, they never allow you to go unsatisfied. The McDvoice survey is not any different in the least. Anyone who is free enough to require the McDvoice survey is treated free meals from McDonald’s. Once you submit the McDvoice survey you’re given a validation code at the end. You’ll use that code to redeem your free reward subsequent time you visit McDonald’s.

But the rewards, they change each month, so if you get a free meal this month doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll an equivalent thing next time. Now don’t feel sad, because you’ll literally take the survey 5 times in one month, isn’t that amazing. You’ll treat yourself 5 free meals. So, now you love it. You’re only provided 7 days to require the survey and redeem the reward after completing the survey.

Well, McDonald’s features a long list of rewards waiting for you to redeem but each time you first got to make a sale to require the survey again.


McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the best and most important opportunities for any customers to win rewards or discount coupons based on their feedback. Customers can utilize this coupon to get food discounts or a free meal on their next store visit. Moreover, McDonald’s management will get honest feedback from customers through this survey portal.