For Honor Centurion Guide – Gear & Quotes

Exploring the heroic action For Honor Centurion: For honor centurion is considered as one of the two heroes which arrived through the second season of ”for honor” called the “shadow and might”. In his most organic form, this character looks forward to the battlefield as someone like that of a chess board.

He works like a tactician who ensures that every move favours a winning action. This is arriving as one of the best sources to bring on entertainment through the way.

Of course with the aforementioned hero can sometime and someway be a headache for some players. They do find him quite cunning with someone difficult to defeat.

PVP live noted that the characters would kick are among his best assets. But what makes it is different is can be easily avoided with doing a side dodge. With so given that it is done correctly and can open some free attacks.


This is also advisable not just to follow up with any missed kicks with a “ for honor” skill called the guard break because of the centurion has the ability in order to chain these kicks with heavy charge or attack. There are two and are enough to override any attempts done to him.


The centurion works perfectly with characters who own slow attacks. So in a proper sense, it is better to not move up against him while still, it is into recovery.

If for instance, players are having any kind of issue with their stamina. This is best not to rush in and instead try to reinstall some of the stamina syrup. Indeed it is necessary that the hero can give out massive attacks, all of which offer a great amount of damage.

General Information:

  • Faction(s): Knight
  • Hero Type: Hybrid
  • Gender: Male (locked)


  • Health: 120
  • Stamina: 160
  • Sprint Speed: 2.4 m/s

For Honor Centurion Quotes

  • Latin: “Incredibles!” – English: (I am) incredible!
    Jab unblockable punch
  • Latin: “Incontinence!” – English:(I am) unrestrained!
    Imperial Might unblockable heavy attack
  • Latin: “Īnfirmus!” – English:(You are) weak! / Weakling!
    Eagle’s Talons jump attack
  • Latin: “Etiam!” – English:(In this context) Come on! / Keep going!
    Eagle’s Talons jump attack (non-fatal), while backing up
  • Latin: “Pugna non-perfecta est!” – English: This fight isn’t over!
    Roman Uppercut Execution
  • Latin: “Move!” – English: Move!
    Ala Iacta Est Execution
  • Latin: “Illa iacāte!” – English: Throw it there!
    Catapult (enemy)
  • Latin: “Fo spērāte!” – English: Make them fear!
    Catapult (enemy)
  • Latin: “Trāicite!” – English: Send it!
    Catapult (enemy)
  • Latin: “Nunc!” – English: Now!
    Catapult (enemy)
  • Latin: “Ibi Iacēte!” – English: Hurl it there!
    Catapult (enemy)


The conqueror war

It was the shinobi and centurions to join the historical battlefields for honor centurion. When it was relating to the samurai’s faction’s which is a nippy assassin type being armed with two sickles on the chains. While the centurion was armed in a vanguard or assassin hybrid who fights for the knights with a gladius. With the updates, you can easily have the maps and new gear with rebalancing the gear stats on the 16th of May, though only players who own the season pass will get the shinbone and centurion then. They will get unlocked instantly with the seasons on the 16th. But other folks will need to wait until the next date which is 23rd and then will unlock them with steel. The resort of the seasons 2’s stuff will come on the 16th for all.

Apart from these two, there are new battlegrounds for continue of the conflicts. These will be available for free for all players at the starting of the season 2, along with an update that will increase the maximum gear score. You can adjust the balance of the entire gear stats system and introduces a new epic level of gear rarity.


How the centurion moves on

It’s for the honor centurion the most powerful hero specific abilities which are a brutal attack chain called the imperial might. This is the ability permits you to finish any kind of series in a chain attack with unblockable attack enemies won’t often see coming, especially if you have them locked down with the centurion’s kicks. After you have an enemy low on stamina with using kicks, jabs and throws. This is always being followed up with an imperial might combo and that is the place where opportunity presents itself. So just remember not to get aggressive since good players will be able to retaliate if you are not carefully maintaining your own defence.

You can utilize the guaranteed hits

For honor centurion with the pride to present centurion as a hero who relies heavily on abusing an enemy’s mistake against them. He also has a surprising number of moves which you can use while defending yourself as well. Whenever you are managing to become a successful guard to break your opponent. It is a must that you can use your light attack to initiate a quick bash that will knock them back and drain their stamina. This can be followed up with an imperial might combo. Further, the user can take advantage of it with the parry combo. Using this will permit with following a successful source with a free and heavy attack or unblockable charged attack. These combos are doing massive amounts of damage to any enemy’s stamina and health with an easy turn on to the tide if you are little starved for health.

Armors and weapons

The Centurions are noted to wear a metal face mask that would give their face a stoic warrior look. With that, he also wears a metal muscuata curious and bracers and even wears a galeae helmet that would lack its iconic decorative crest. This is the standard issue with a roman weapon which is perfectly forged for cutting, chopping and thrusting. It’s a short blade which works well when mixing in the use of his fists to punch his opponent.

For honor, centurion would skill it called guard break because centurion has the ability to chain on these kicks with either a heavy charge or an attack. This is enough to override any attempts done to him. Also with centurion works perfectly with the characters who own this slow attacks. In this sense, it is better to not go up against him while still it in recovery. For instance, the players are having issues with their stamina. This is best to not rush in and instead try to for reinstallation of some stamina juice.

When playing the centurion, it is necessary that you always want to be very, very close to your opponent regardless of how offensive they play the game. Due to the gladius being one for the honors shortest weapons, you won’t have a good number of opportunities to deal with damage from a distance, unless you manage to successfully land the centurions overhead charge attacks. This can be easily be blocked or dodged by skilled opponents.