For Honor Classes

In this honor classes game, there are four classes of heroes which are available for each faction. It is mentioned that for each and every faction the base comes with four types of heroes and additional heroes which will be a hybrid or in the form of assassins.

It is mentioned that each hero will come with their own set of skills styles armour is also introduced with unique fighting style so sure each and every hero will be different from one another they play different roles even in their own class. In this game when you plan to customize the player’s options you have the ability to personalize each and every hero look in which you will feel very unique and also the style look will be in a combat style.

For Honor classes is a very challenging dream and you yourself can create a new group of players in this game and you can start a new Vortigern season which is a character of a new hero and also it is called as the roster of heroes.

Here when you focus on each and every hero the style and the mechanical skill is very different it is one of the different and the challenging new type of game for beginners because you can choose their characters of heroes and their ideas are entirely different to bring the field into battle.

For Honor characters

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Here when you view visually there are many characters which look different in honor which is discussed in detail.


The character of Warden which fights in a standard way and you can play to the very closest path except having a sword and shield knight in your hands.

Wardon Class For Honor

When you look at personally it is a very good character choice for choosing new players since the character is very simple and you can easily grasp in a very effective manner suppose it is very useful for one on one fight.

Here the warden character is completely in a balanced manner and it remains in a competitive way since it is useful for attacking the interrupting opponent.

For Honor Lawbringer


For Honor Peacekeeper Classes

Of course, you people will think it will be very calm in character from its name but this is not true it is somewhat like wily character and it has the ability to attack brutal moves sometimes the damage output will be to an extreme level. Since you will not get any helping hands when you strike them. This makes the character very squishy and also you cannot predict the character as its own it has any number of enemies and it is one of the very strongest characters in this game.

For Honor Peacekeeper


For Honor Gladiator Classes

Gladiator is a class which looks very big and most surprising probably this is one of the characters which is listed in the assassin class. Gladiator is very good in one on one fighter and he will also have many tough situations since he has to struggle in many of the situations during fighter attacks and it has a different skill set such as it is very easy to grasp and the stamina is also very good which is used for defending enemies.

It has a very good stamina power since its energy will not get drained followed that you will have a clear game plan and you can execute it successfully when you use the gladiator character. While using this gladiator type of character you can easily attack other characters when they are tired.


When compared to other knights this conqueror which is completely defensive character and its fights brutally and has a technique to approach creatively to the opponent team.

The defensive capabilities are one of the excellent powers for this type of knights and it has a strong team power which is used for attacking the opponent team. It is really very difficult to deal with this type of character and if you choose this one it is a very good choice to win in this game.

For Honor Guide


For Honor Characters

The centurion is completely a strange character it has the power to attack very high super risk of characters and it is very tough to maintain. The approach of the centurion is completely different understanding power is also very good and it has an excellent power to attack with their enemies it kicks down the opponent one in a harsh manner. It has a very good attacking power and it is one of the very different characters in this game and it is very difficult and hard to choose this character.

Law bringer

Law bringer has a very good attacking power and it performs the best one and it has the power of attacking Rock solid defence type and when you notice it keenly it has stunned dealing offensive skills different from other knights.

It has the ability to adapt in a very heavy manner it has completed a unique ability of this law bringer which means it has full stamina to attack an enemy in a very heavy manner which will be a stunning performance in the combo.

This heavy attack which will spoil the opponent team and it will completely destroy the enemies at the end of the combo. This is one of the different class if you choose it you can use this law bringer in a different form which is completely the best performer in this honor class.


Tier list


In this game is completely a different one where the tier list which serves as a record of all the characters and it has the complete strength for the fighting abilities this game will be very potential one which will match to the terms and conditions and you can assume that the players are having skilled condition to attack the opponent team.


When listing other fighting games this game is one of the competitive levels which consists of large character pools and you will have the Pokémon series which has the attacking power to the opponent. For honor, you will be having three-tier list which is Dominion, Brawl and Duels these tiers is also introduced with full of strength and stronger in an unexpected level, and you can choose your favourite tier to represent the hero.