New For Honor Knights Classes

Games of For Honor with the Honor Knights: The games of knights are one of the most powerful games. This is the most effective game to build a strong effective rule providing an efficient system of playing.

The game starts with the knights been scattered for centuries but have begun to reunite under a single banner, that of the iron legion.

Even though a single group, the knights are hardly unified. There are good legions in Ashfield, the most prominent being is the iron legion.

For Honor Knights 

Each legion is an independent army that serves to protect and rule over a specific area- usually around their largest fortress or sanctuary. Every single legion has its own circle which is a group of highly ranked individual who serves as advisors for the legions in questions warlord.

For Honor knights and duty does go hand- in- hand. For Honor knights, Honor was not tied to imprisonment as doing it was considered as an act of mercy. There are notable legions like iron legion, Blackstone legion, Daubney’s militia, regal legion, royal legion.

Colours and priority

There are three colours of it like yellow which stands for knowledge and strength, green which stands for hope and stability and white as usual for goodness and purity.

It’s the  For Honor knight which plays a significant role in tying together for the Honor story. This consists of an iron legion and although the knights have a single end goal, it’s going to prove difficult for them to commit to any legion.

For honor knights living in Ashfield believe that the ancient ruins that cover the land were built by their ancestor. These knights were moving under the pretence of pacifying the land under the iron legion. There is supervillain Apollyon has commandeered the knights who have strayed and tell them that their joining her legion is the only guarantee to hold onto their lands.

It’s the apollyon who has an agenda of her own in provoking full out war across the lands and uses the knights to reignite a dying flame in the war of their three factions.

The conquerors

For Honor Conqueror AppearenceThe one being praised for their determination in the battlefield. The for honor knights conquerors are heavily armored fighting machines with defensive flying style. They take on the long game by wearing down opponents advances and finishing them off in a highly effective attack.

Class: Vanguard

These conquerors use the weapons a footman’s flail which is a vicious weapon. This is going to cut through enemies and leave them stunned. The crusher of armour and bones, it’s a quick sweeping weapon that brings damaging attacks when the conqueror isn’t in the defensive mode.


The Warden

The Warden Portrait for honor knights

This is one of the powerful, noble warriors with some of the best intentions of protecting the land and staying faithful to the iron legion. There can even be an expectation to take on the character which knows that the balance between defiance and offence is always important. They are truly expected to keep on embody with the highest values of the knighthood and take it into battle high morals.

As likely being expected for a knight man, they use a two-handed sword which is supportive with their attacking style as well as is blocking heavy attacks with the long blade and sweeping back down on the opponents with a complete fatal counter attack. But when it’s the peacekeeper, it’s quite faster and lethal with being small and agile. These are truly trained ones to move silently in the battlefield, defeating the enemies before they even sense their presence. With a silent force specializing in the fastest movement with the use of sharp swords and daggers for precise deadly attacks. They do lack strength in their attacks but while they strike with their blade, it’s lethal for the reason with a short range attacker with high mobility.


For Honor Lawbringer They are somewhat different from enforcing the law in ash field legion. They bring justice to those who have revolted and do discipline the other knights on the battlefield.

They do have heavy set and evoke fear in enemies with their large axe which can help with sweeping over hordes of enemies.



For honor knights, there are a lot of weapons which are like:-

Long swords

Which are straight doubled edged swords with a crossguard? These are heavy pommel at the handle which is for balancing, making the centre of gravity near to the handle and making it capable of being wielded by both the hands. There is pommel which allows with Fordham or the murder stroke where the wielder grips the blade and swings the pummeled end of the sword like a mace. This is also allowing the sword to penetrate armor where other sword doesn’t.


It’s a weapon that is both difficult to master and even to fight against. This was a heavy metal bludgeon which sometimes spiked, connected to a wooden handle by a chain. If this goes in wrong hands then the weapon could trouble its wielder.


This represents the wooden shields which are a source of excellent defence and not as unwieldy which one might believe. Within it, there are warriors who could simultaneously attack and defend.

Shortsword and dagger

A quickly drawn and quite faster in execution, this set of blades is made up of its lack of lethality with its enabling the nature of rapid successive strikes. These are indeed quite popular weapons for duelling.


This is considered as medieval polearms that contain an axe with a pike connected to a long wooden shaft. These aspects are permissible to its wielders to strike from a safe distance with quite a great force to pierce armor.


It’s a standard issue weapon of the Roman centurions. The short sword is quite swift and quick permitting the soldiers to engage in close combat with the primary focus in thrusting.

Trident and buckler

With a polearm, there are three prongs designed for quick jabs and thrusts. This is bought along with the ability of bludgeon with the end of its shafts. At the same time, these are smaller than other shields, the buckler provides with just as much protection when it’s in the right hands.

Notable Knights

  • The Warden
  • Ademar
  • Hervis Daubeny
  • Holdern Cross
  • Julius
  • Mercy
  • Stone
  • Lady Belval Velentia
  • Octavius
  • Dante
  • Marius
  • Erzebet
  • Vortiger
  • Valentia

 Notable Legions

  • Iron Legion
  • Blackstone Legion
  • Daubeny’s Militia
  • Regal Legion
  • Royal Legion