For honor Lawbringer Guide & Gear/Quotes

Lawbringer is one of the very interesting and peculiar characters and it is very familiar act disrupting enemy with multiple crowd control attacks and it has the capability of attacking various fairy oriented techniques since this deals with extremely powerful strikes.

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For Honor Lawbringer Guide 2019

Lawbringer is a very powerful character and it has all the power to attack its enemy due to its heavy attacks it has the capability of attacking a very extreme enemy also.

Lawbringer has the power to punish without any mercy. Their armour which is very equal to its signature weapon and it has been a law to punish very ultimately it has the capability of moving everywhere wherever they are needed.


For Honor Lawbringer they wear full body plate which is surrounded by plate armour with mail underneath and they wear a helmet which will be very close and they view with help of larger vision.

There will be an emblem which is embroidered in both front and back side and they will be hanging a medallion form a chain which can be focused in the front.


The weapon in which they are most versatile which is called that as poleaxe and it has very sharp edges for slicing and blunt end which is used for brushing and also to speak on the top and this will make the perfect thrusting attack.


The plate armour of the Lawbringer is very similar to the 16th century as same as Spanish plate armour.

The Lawbringer is the only character which wears full plate armour in the whole night classes. The pauldrons which attribute as the 16th century and this also has sword breakers.

Lawbringer which is seen on the top in a guard mode and it has the pommel facing when it faces to the opponent this technique is mainly done in order to avoid tangled positions getting to the head with the opponent weapon.

Lawbringer is one of the two heroes who have many executions which create their animations and they are segmented into two parts, which is one of the excellent characters in this game.

Lawbringer is one of the characters which is played very forcefully and has the very strong power to attack all the enemies and it is the very thrilling manner in its behaviour and all the opponents will be scared of his attacks since if it starts attacking is has no control and it attacks in a very force.

Weakness of Lawbringer

Lawbringer faces two major conflicts in this character the one main important thing is his speed there is no doubt that For Lawbringer attacks the enemy with heavy speed he could not slower her character in the entire game since it is counter so it could not do any displacement of moles so unavoidably it’s hit, anyone, this makes him very ineffective while dealing with many multiple enemies at once.

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The biggest problem he faces is his stamina he has the power to attack all consume ridiculous amounts of enemies and Lawbringer will often stand still in order to regenerate the power.

 Description of For Honor Lawbringer

A very most unique characteristic feature of this particular character is each and every heavy attack which he delivers is very guaranteed to stand the enemy provided with their enemies won’t block or even he could not recover it.

It is a very stunning effect during the time the background sound becomes muffled and the screen also becomes very blurry and the player controlling the stunned character could not see the directions of any incoming attacks.

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The pressure created by the player is tremendously high and which causes mistakes and it allows Lawbringer to continue with heavy attacks. And the most important part in this game is while you play Lawbringer it has the capability of unleashing very powerful attacks after parrying an enemy strike.

Lawbringer is the counters which make the character more and stronger since the enemy have to think twice before attacking.

Lawbringer abilities & Passives

  • Lawbringer has some of the abilities such as it can regain its balanced activities in a very smooth manner.
  • It has the powerful mood to boost its damage and health since for all attacking their enemies automatically it regains its activation of power.
  • It has a very stunning heavy attack.

For Honor Characters

  1. Faction: Knights
  2. Class Type: Hybrid
  3. Capabilities: Attacks can cause stuns, can keep enemies off-balance
  4. Renown: it is balanced across activities.
  5. Revenge Mode: Boost Damage and health. all attacks are uninterruptible. parry and throws knock enemies down. attacks are auto parried on activation.
  6. Stunning Top Heavy Attacks: Top Heavy Attacks stun opponents. A stunned opponent can’t see your guard.
  7. Shove: Your shove attack initiates chains.

Lawbringer feats

Tier 1

Conqueror: it is very passive and it has the ability to capture all the control zones very faster and it can boost last longer.

Harsh judgment: stamina is reduced for a short moment.

Body count: it has a very stunning effect to kill all the soldiers with stamina power.

Tier 2

Righteous deflection: its nature is very passive and it gives high damage reduction within a short time.

Fiat Lux: generate blind enemies for few seconds

Juggernaut: it has the ability to game-high damage detection.


Tier 3

Protected revive: your health and revive is protected.

Pungo Mortis: it deals with many moderate damages in areas.

Second wind: it has the ability to recover some of your health.

Tier 4

Igneus Imber: it has several grenades and deals with moderate damage over areas.

Catapult: create a catapult strike which deals with heavy damage over an area.

Regenerate: it has the ability to regenerate your health when it is in out of combat.

For Honor Lawbringer Weapon – Poleaxe

For Honor Lawbringer Weapon: Poleaxe

Lawbringer Counters


Weak Against
{Weak Versus}
Strong Against
{Strong Versus}

Lawbringer Pros:

  • Great Disabler.
  • Strong Counter Attacks.
  • Long-Mid range Attacks.

Lawbringer Con’s

  • Slow Attack Speed.
  • Not as effective close range combat.
  • Easy To Parry Heavy Attacks.

Tricks and tips to play For Honor

  • You should be remembered for every top heavy attacked there is a guaranteed stunt. This is very effective and the most experienced players in this game will face the problems in anticipating every attack.
  • This has a very special type of zone attack many numbers of enemies are surrounded it generates and give a heavy attack to the enemies.
  • Focus mainly on counters since it has very slow character and it could not land normally it lands with very aggressive action so during every strike you should focus on counters.
  • Lawbringer has the capability of controlling the stamina meter it delivers powerful strikes by using its effective abilities very extremely and then it consumes a huge amount of stamina.