For Honor Orochi Gear Guide 2019

For Honor, Orochi is the greatest of the mobile heroes found in the game. He has the speed and what it takes to win all kinds of battles. He can jump around and over the opponent.

He can deal with the lightning-fast strikes and he can also withstand his opponent’s endeavours to put an end to the game. He has many of the counters strikes up his sleeve. For Honor Orochi guide will very helpful to you.

For Honor Orochi Guide

For Honor Orochi GuideYou simply push through all the defences on the battlefield with the techniques he has. His strikes are faster and effective. One can never parry the attacks of Orochi he is powerful and also has the look of the warrior to boot.

Here is the guide to use the attacks in the ‘For Honor’ game when you are using the character Orochi.

Let’s see some of the tips and tricks that can help you to fight in the dangerous battlefields with the help of the Orochi samurais. as well as you can know for Honor Orochi deflect guide

The strong chain attacks

The Orochi can make chain attacks with efficiency and perfection. They can take the benefit of the built-in two-hit combo. When striking the opponent from the top with a swift attack you will be able to get an unblockable light attack for the second time when it will create contact.

This is a great thing to know about when trying to use the first chain called the Crosswind Slashes. The beginning two hits will quickly come if you land on them from the top. The third light will go wherever you want to go. These are known as the short targeted attack so you have to be very much focused to land on them.

The second chain of attacks called lightning strikes twice.  It is a kind of defence called as the two hit combo which can be used for making larger damage to the opponent.

It is swift and slow even with the short-ranged and also for horizontal swings. You will have a hard time trying to land on this without breaking the guard or dodging. It is certainly a great defence for making massive damage.

The third chain called as the Tidal wave slashes go like this ‘heavy, light, light’ which will put slow and heavy damage to the enemy in the war. You can attack upfront and also can be flexible when you use this form of defence.

You can combine your free mix attacks in this form of chain attack. This is another of the great combo to use when you want to parry or guard yourself. It is one instance of the attack which shows the power and the strength of changing guards in the mid comb0.

Other attacks to Orochi

Orochi’s guard is swapped with the special reflex ability with which the guard will be active in a single spot for a short span of time. You can place your guard at the top and defend and fight against everything from up there.

You may have to replace the top guard from the top continuously. Orochi’s has a deflect ability. You can dodge in the direction where there is an attack by doing this action you can save yourself and proceed.

When the attack is deflected by you now follow the wind gust and hurricane. These both cannot be unblocked but the hurricane can cause more interruption and it is also slower.

You can be offensive as well as for moving out of line zephyr slash is suitable. The attack will be on the centre and the dodge will be large. In the midst of the forward aggressors, it is the best way to be safe.

The riptide slash is a great top attack which makes the Orochi first take a step back and then lets you to make a heavy blow. This is a great attack for the dodging and for heavy telegraph attacks. It is handy for the larger brutes of the game.

For the closing distance, the Orochi has two amazing moves. The rolling vertical and the lightning are the two amazing moves. Both these moves are very advantageous for closing the gaps.  There is a less telegraph attack in the lightning strike attack. The initiation of the storm rush is slow but it is faster after that.

Ultimate Tips To For Honor Orochi

  • The storm rush is a great move but it may be complicated to land on enemies who are next to you. The lightning strike is the best option for closing the distance quickly. You can have the full control of the dodge even if you don’t pull the trigger fully you can easily take control of it by doing so. By doing this you can easily deflect or block the attack.
  • Through dodging, you can cancel the hurricane blast and the wind gust attack. This is a very great move for the hurricane blast as it can be quickly interrupted.
  • Be alert when throwing the enemy with the Orochi for the follow-up attack you can easily throw them out of range.
  • For the Orochi one of the best feats is available which kunai is. Never try to leave the home with kunai.

Among the men, Orochi is a ninja with deft agility and focus he moves in out of the engagements. He is a precision striker who can take all of them in the battle strike. Their quirky movements are very tricky to handle. Orochi’s are leather and amazingly fatal.

For Honor Orochi Feats 

Tier 1

  • Kiai: It cab stun who is nearby enemies with a scream from requires 5th Level.
  • Iron Lungs: Empty Stamina Bar also can sprint.
  • Bounty hunter: Each kill Renews a portion of health points.

Tier 2

  • Kunai: Enables you to throw a dagger that deals some damage to your target. Requires 9th Level.
  • Revenge attacks:  Your attacks fill up the Revenge Meter. Requires 11th Level.
  • Smoke bomb:  Orochi to throw a smoke bomb that breaks the Lock-on for a short period of time

Tier 3

  • Longbow slips through:  we can Enable to fire a longbow, dealing moderate damage. it will be available from the beginning point.
  • Slip though:  Dodging raises your damage dealt for a short period of time. Requires 15th level.
  • Sharpen blade: All attacks induce a small Bleed effect that deals damage over time. Requires 13th Level.

Tier 4

  • Nail bomb:  A trap that induces the Bleed effect to every target in its area of effect.
  • Fear Itself: The enemies in your vicinity receive penalties to stamina and defence. Requires 17th level.
  • Arrow storm: Enables Orochi to call for an arrow volley that deals moderate damage to an area. Requires 19th Level.

In the feudal warrior’s samurai collection the speed and talent of the Orochi are quite unmatchable in the game ‘For Honor’. They can make their opponents afraid to fight them back.

They will be able to counter attack the opponents with exquisite movements and flawless techniques. There are no talented duellists then these warriors of the game. Play this game and enjoy.

Orochi Counters

we are going to explain about Orochi counters which is helpful to the strengths and weaknesses of Orochi. play style and the type of characters that counter this hero. Orochi counters will be help for it.

Weak Against [Weak Versus]Strong Against
[Strong Versus ]
Orochi Warlord WarlordOrochi Peacekeeper 2019 Peacekeeper
For Honor Orochi Nobushi Nobushi	Warden for honor orochi Warden

Orochi Pro’s

  • Strong Counter Attacker
  • Fast Attack Speed
  • High Mobility

Orochi Con’s

  • Short Attack Range
  • Low Health Pool

Hero Specific Abilities & Passives

Faction: Samurai
Class Type: Assassin
Capabilities: Very Fast/Light Attacks | Dodges combo with fast attacks | Deflect Abilities.
Renown: Earn more Renown in 1v1 fights, by killing enemy Characters/Heroes, and getting killing streaks to unlock your feats in a match.
Revenge Mode: Boosts Damage and Health Points. All Attacks are Uninterruptible. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on activation.
Deflect: Deflect by dodging in the direction of an incoming attack just before impact. Deflect can be followed-up by your Wind Gust or Hurricane Blast moves.
Defense: Reflex Your Guard Stance only remains active for a limited time.
Hurricane Blast Cancel: Cancel out of a Hurricane Blast with Wind Gust, Guardbreak or Dodge.
Top Light Attack Combo: Your second Top Light Attack is guaranteed if the first one hits the target.