For Honor Peacekeeper Face Guide

Interesting addition of Peacekeeper to the world For Honor has improved the game in a significant way. It is, in fact, one of the most active classes in the game that gets very difficult to pin down with the usage of simpler weapons.

It is the fast assassin that enables the users to deal with massive damage and fighting in the close range battles. It is a bit weaker for responding to her defence system, the peacemaker is quite capable of offering high damage to the enemies especially when in short range.

For Honor Peacekeeper

Armed with a sword and dagger, the peacemaker is an excellent characteristic that is quite efficient of making fast light attacks while moving around at a very high speed.

We are here with the complete peacemaker guide for you covering up all of the advanced strategies and tips that can a player acquire to win the game.

What are the main features of For Honor Peacemaker?

Everyone would surely be curious about the new features being summed up For Honor in the form of Peacekeeper. So here is the complete list of all the features that you can enjoy now:

  • Blocking: – Just like other classes For Honor, you are not allowed to prevent an attack in any direction for the infinite period, you are here provided with the facilities of blocking an attack by pressing the Right analogue stick inappropriate direction just before the attack connects.
  • Deflecting: – To match up the slight deficiency of blocking, peacemaker offers to deflect attacks for acquiring which you only have to dodge in the direction of attack just before the attack connects, that’s it.
  • Bleeding Effect: – Peacemakers also brings up a bleeding effect on the opponent. It means whenever your opponent starts bleeding, they will ultimately lose health over a short period. You can quickly check the bleeding period by watching the red portion of health status.
  • Stab and Triple Stab: – Peacemaker offers you two different options on successful Guard Breaking. If you want to use single stab option you have to press Light Attack immediately following by a successful Guard Break, but if you wish to Triple Stab, you need Triple Stab, you can push Light Attack again as the first stab continue. Moreover, pressing Light Attack again will connect the second stab with the third one to execute.
  • Dashing Thrust: – It is one of the most exceptional attacks by the peacemaker from a distance that can cause the bleeding effect to your opponent if being followed by Light Attack later.

Some basic tips to use For Honor Peacemaker:

  • Try to maintain pressure on your opponent from the beginning and make suitable steps to get a lead always.
  • Peacemaker damage is bleed effect most of the time. Learn tactics to bleed by heart and try to use them on the battlefield.
  • Stay updated with your stance indicator so that you can quickly change and get the other one whenever required. Usually, the guard gets switches off the changing shades of the stance indicator, to improve the stance immediately to get a newer guard.
  • Triple stab has the highest damage output from all of the available combinations, so get masters in it and increase the chances of success.
  • Get yourself prepared for the faint strong attacks. Moreover, don’t forget to proceed with a Guradbreak whenever you use a strong attack so that to increase its strength.
  • Stay sharp and use Deflect option, to deflect an incoming attack by dodging in its direction. It is one of the most beautiful defensive, an offensive ability that serves as a backbone of defence and keeps your character safe from the heading attacks.
  • Peacemaker is an offensive oriented hero that focuses consistently on the constant movement. So rather than focusing on defence, keep pressing your opponents and don’t allow them to catch a breath.
  • Try to match up with your opponent’s Guard position when you get indulged into a lockup situation with the enemy.
  • Try to use the three attack chains at different intervals of time depending upon the need. You are free to use a Twisting blade, Dervish Strikes, and Sword Dance as per your preferences. while using these attack chains, don’t forget to switch up Guard Directions between these attacks to confuse your opponent.
  • If you have surrounded up with your enemies, make use of Light Attack and Heavy Attack simultaneously to create a successful zone of attack to defeat your opponents.
  • Just surprise your enemies by cancelling the mode of attack you are going to use. You can cancel the massive attack and can make use of light attack to confuse your enemy. These surprise attacks usually cause a level of sustainability and further causing damage over time bleed effect.
  • Put on a Guardbreak to yourself and then make three light attacks to stab your enemy followed by applying a bleed effect that will further increase the damage rate and hence add up some more into your win. Timing is the main content here, so keep a keen eye on it. Stab your enemies instantly thrice so that it fails to recover from Guardbreak and ultimately show bleeding effect.

Some Advance Tips for For Honor Peacekeeper

Addition of peacemaker into For Honor has made it an agile class. It not only has risen the damage rate but strongly has affected the bleed effect as well. Peacemaker usually offers multiple attacks causing damage over bleed effect. You have to make perfect use of your mobility here to keep your enemies under pressure and further leading to a safe zone. Here are some advanced tips for performing better in the game For Honor Peacemaker.

  • Once you have hit your enemy with a massive attack, don’t forget to follow the same by a light attack that may further lead to massive bleeding effect in your enemy.
  • Try to deflect the incoming enemy attacks by dodging in the direction of attack. The time of action is quite short here, so you have to take some instant action just before the impact made.
  • Make a light attack once you have deflected the enemy attack to ensure bleed effect in your enemy.
  • Don’t forget to use Guardbreak after any stab to get your enemy on back steps.