The Warden For Honor Guide 2019

If you are a game buff then Warden For Honor will be the perfect for you as this game has won millions of heart through rendering unique sort of game which people found very interesting and very fun- loving. The wardens are very calamitous, noble warriors dyed- in- the- wool to the defence of their land and their people.

They are pretty well in balancing between both defence and offence, and they put on the partial plate armour along with chainmail and leather. They put on the humungous two-handed long words for making an incision to their disputants and it helps in ignoring the attack.

Warden For Honor 2019

These traits are found in their character and that is, they are very proud, honest and very brilliant diplomats. If talking about the best knighthood then it is warden who is the best, so they are the ones who top the list.



Their armour is set of the interlaced metal plates over chainmail, topped with the help of the visored barbuta helmet made for saving against a wandering arrow or blade strike. And the partial plate is joined along with the torso, leg joints and arm for giving good sort of protection when they have combat on the battlefield.


They have a special weapon and that is Longsword- it has a double-edged weapon which is indeed powerful in itself. The handle of the sword consists of the guard for sustaining for a long term, saliency cross guard, a humungous belt for balancing out and it also offers the grip wrapped in the leather. Instead of the size and weight, it is really a versatile offering a balance of the offence and defence.


The hamlet has been designed just like from the times to 13th to 15th centuries. And that Hamlet has visored barbuta, visored sugarloaf, the great helm. The warden’s side guard stances which are inspired from the Pflug stance, a chief of basic medieval swordsmanship dating back to master Liechtenauer of the 1380s.

Equally, the top security stances have been taken from the Schlussel stance, from which the wielder can powerfully deploy classic strikes such as the Krohn or Einhorn strike. Comparing along with historical, the designs of the Warden’s armour fabrics resembles the armours of the Chaucerian era of knights (14th century)

Executions and Emotes

The blade homage of the warden is a reference to the Marvel character Blade, particularly to the live-action version’s portrayal by the Wesley Snipes. The emote copies the pose of the blade on the official poster for blade 2, and it holds the sword vertically downwards with the handguard close to the face.

The hill strike of the warden execution is a historically correct technique which is known as the Mordhau or murder stroke.

One who performs the act of the sword it holds from the top by employing a special sort of hold style for ignoring cutting their own hands and swings the hilt as a developed bludgeon.

Equally to the welding a mace, this sharpens strike permits the medieval fighters for hammering with the help of the thick armour which was developed for glancing off/block the bladed weapons of that epoch.  There are humungous armours which could be impervious for cutting the attacks, but it is not able to defend against the impact of the trauma by the hilt.

The end them rightly of the warden execution is a sort of technique which has been described in the Gladiatoria KK5013, a 15th-century German fencing manual, in which everything has been explained such as how a fighter should fight against the belt of their sword and use it on their opponent.

For example – there is one translation from the manual – If you are willing to end your opponent rightly then grip your spear and sword together on your arm, unscrew the belt of your sword and use it at your opponent fastly and with full strength,

But before releasing of the game, the theme has become discussion and it has also become the meme after the medieval weapons Youtuber Skallagrim made a video talking about the technique which is followed with the help of the other YouTubers following the suit.

Although, the act of throwing the pommel as an act of the execution is mistaken, as there is a mistake in the complete translation which adds a sentence after that the action of the throwing the belt is performed which works as a distraction before you throw the sword into the opponent. The right translation of the phrase should be the ‘end him rightly’ which actually ends him quickly.

For Honor Warden Guide Weaknesses & Strengths

You should know following for Honor warden weaknesses and strengths as well as have to know Pro and Cons about Warden.


  • Easy To Play, Difficult To Master.
  • Easy To Use Combos, that can be started in multiple ways.


  • No Specific Strengths (Example: Speed, Damage, Range).
  • Heavy Attacks Are Easy To Counter.


There is one more translation which has been done by the Keith Ferrel- if you are willing to end him right then grip your spear and sword simultaneously on your arm, then unscrews the pommel of your sword and just throws it at him vigorously.  This translation means you should be doing the right act at the particular moment which you feel right according to yourself and whatever suits you better.

The warden warriors are quite courageous and talented, The Warden was an embodiment of the virtue who fought for peace and stability. They are a firm believer of their code as a knight and they are a sheer server of their master without asking any question in return no matter how much they do not agree with him. So this shows they are even loyal towards their master and work for all the time.

Their valour brings them huge respect from their companion and peers to the point of that stone, Mercy and even Holden Cross would later fight alongside his/her fresh reformed Iron Legion against Apollyon.

Hero Specific Abilities & Passives

Faction: Knights
Class Type: Vanguard
Capabilities: Unblockable Shoulder Bashing attack and has Strong Interruption Throws and Abilities
Renown: Earn more Renown in the fights you are outnumbered in, by controlling objectives, and by also eliminating enemy soldiers to unlock your character’s feats in a match
Revenge Mode: Boosts Damage and Health values. All your Attacks are now Uninterruptible. Throws and Parry knock enemies down. Attacks are also Auto-Parried on activation.
Light Attack Combo: Second Side Light Attack is always guaranteed if the first one hits.
Crushing Counterstrike: Top Light Attack has a Superior Block property while during the Startup of it. You can use it to counter attack. The Attack will become Unblockable after a counter initiates

Warden Counters

Following Warden Counters Available, You can know useful guide about for honor warden.

Weak Against:

Strong Against

  • Raider

Best Warden Gear Stats Build

  • Offensive Stats – Attack/Movement Speed
  • Defensive Stats – Stamina/Defense

Nobushi Feats

Tier 1:

Come at Me:  Passive feats – You’ll gain more Renown from kills, however you’ll receive more damage.
Conqueror: Passive feats – Allows you to capture & upgrade control zones quicker.
Body Count:  Passive feats – Killing soldiers grants you Stamina & Health.

Tier 2:

Thick Blood: Receive immunity from normal bleed damage.
Fiat Lux: Throw a flash grenade that completely blinds enemies for a couple of seconds.
Inspire:  Passive feats – Close-by allies deal more damage, and soldiers will fight faster.

Tier 3:

Takedown: Your Throws will make foes fall to the ground.
Pugno Mortis: Throw an explosive projectile that deals damage over an area.
Second Wind:  Restores some health.

Tier 4:

Morale Booster: For a short duration improve your allies attacks.
Stalwart Banner: Nearby allies will continuously restore health.
Catapult: Call a catapult strike over an area.


In total, the character of the warden warrior are very strong and courageous which help them in winning combats so beautifully and they are good with everything they do. They are loyal and for information, they are best at their work so in short, they are sort of Warriors which people would like to have in their team.